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Folds of Honor:  History

Major Dan Rooney was on a commercial flight in 2006 carrying the remains of Corporal Brock Bucklin who died fighting in Iraq.  Upon landing, the pilot asked passengers to remain seated during a ceremony honoring Corporal Bucklin.  Major Rooney’s seat gave him a clear view of how the hopes and dreams of a family can be taken and 4 year old Jacob Bucklin would face the future without his Dad, Brock.

Major Rooney’s next defining moment that night was when half of the people got up and left the plane – failing to honor this fallen hero.  Only about half took time to recognize the sacrifice of someone who fought and died for our freedom.

That night Major Rooney committed – although he didn’t know how – to help the Bucklin family and other families like them.  At the same time his hope was to give Americans an opportunity to feel patriotism again.  We all know when we feel patriotism and we like it - it makes us all want to be better people.

Thus – the Folds of Honor Foundation was born.  Through Patriot Golf Day on Labor Day each year, golfers around America donate to the Folds of Honor Foundation, providing educational support for families of fallen or disabled veterans.

This brief history of how Major Dan Rooney, the Folds of Honor Foundation and ABC came together as a team only tells a portion of the story. There’s so much more to Major Rooney’s story and how the foundation works that you can find on his website.

The story of how ABC has committed to this cause can be seen on the job site where ABC members are building the Folds of Honor Headquarters with donations of material and labor.

Major Rooney spoke to ABC of Oklahoma in February 2009 causing an immediate response from members. They wanted to help in Rooney’s cause and they wanted to help in a big way. Later when then Chairman, Barb Risenhoover asked how ABC could get involved Rooney said he wanted to build a headquarters but he would not have funding for at least two more years. Risenhoover’s response – “Let’s see what we can do to speed this up”.

That’s when the partnership of two freedom loving groups was born - ABC and the Folds of Honor Foundation. When Risenhoover approached the ABC chapter Board of Directors about building the FHF Headquarters, they said “Let’s do it – and get it donated” – the first time this chapter has made such a large commitment.

Four Oklahoma ABC General Contractors formed a team, each taking a portion of the project, coordinating the work, soliciting donations of material and labor and providing the necessary project supervision. ABC suppliers and subs are engaged and donating to the cause.


Architectural rendering of the Folds of Honor Foundation headquarters

In February 2010 – exactly one year after speaking to ABC in Oklahoma – Major Rooney was the keynote speaker at the 2010 ABC National Convention.  In that short year commitments from ABC members in Oklahoma for the FHF Headquarters has reached about $600,000 with only about $350,000 to complete the project.

This project shows the true American spirit of ABC members – and that they “stay on the plane” to respect those that have given so much.

ABC members are asking how they can support Major Rooney, the Folds of Honor and Foundation Headquarters that ABC of Oklahoma members are building.  Contact the ABC office for a Folds of Honor donation form providing information.

For detailed information on the Folds of Honor Foundation go to:   

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