Government Affairs


No, not the kind that are starting to grow in your yard as spring arrives, but the political kind that is the foundation of our country's political system. ABC of Oklahoma is focused on growing our political grassroots.

Webster’s Dictionary says that grassroots are “society at the local level, as distinguished from the center of political leadership…the very foundation or source”, i.e. you and me.  Our elected officials hopefully recognize they have been chosen to represent our interest and needs. It is our duty to make sure they know what those are and what we want.

ABC of Oklahoma’s Governmental Affairs committee is asking all ABC members to be involved in this effort, not just those on the committee. 

Here are a few ways:

ABC Annual Day at the Capitol - each year in April

Members meet at the State Capitol building for an exciting and worthwhile day of legislative issue updates with legislators, as well as teams visiting the office of their assigned legislators, delivering information as to what ABC’s wants and needs are. If you are new, you will be put on a team with experience members to show you the process. A lunch with speaker is included. A bus is provided for all going from Tulsa.

Voter Voice
An email is for our state chapter’s use to keep you updated as to our local legislative issues. Please read and respond as needed. As the legislature in Oklahoma progresses, we will need to contact our legislators on an immediate basis. 

ABC National Grassroots efforts
Please be engaged by signing up to receive ABC’s “Action Alerts”, “Grassroots Newsletter”, “Regulatory Alerts” and “Newsline”.  You can access ABC National's website at Please sign up today.